Un-busy the Busy Season

It’s here, y’all. The season we’ve waited on all of 2020. After months of Netflix, Zoom happy hours, and sweatpants — it’s go time. Yes, I’m talking about your excuse to celebrate anything besides quarantine: the holidays.

Before you get too hyped up on the pumpkin spice, let’s take a step back. I have a *tiny piece of homework for you. (Don’t worry, there’s no virtual grading happening here.)

I know I’ve been tempted in that Target dollar spot to buy *another set of pumpkins, *again. Why do I do that to myself? Why does one need so many “It’s fall, y’all!” tea towels? And don’t even get me started on Hobby Lobby – they’ve already gone all Christmas on me. (I wish I could say I was mad about it.) But alas! Don’t forget about everything you bought *last year… waiting on you up in the attic.

These next few months are going to be a blur; first Halloween, then Thanksgiving, then Christmas. And I know we all want to celebrate BIG, because, again, quarantine. But here’s my advice for this season: Stop. Survey your stock. Scale back.

Do you even have a spot for that ceramic turkey? Maybe you moved in the last year, maybe your tastes have changed. Maybe your ex-boyfriend’s Mom’s aunt bought you that candy bowl 15 years ago. YOU DON’T HAVE TO KEEP IT. Give it to a friend, donate it, heck – trash it. Just don’t let all these decorations become “stuff.” Stuff = stress.

Focus on the joy.

Decorate with what makes you feel happy.

And when everything is over, and it’s time to put it all away, know you’ll be saving yourself stress all over again because there’s less to haul back to the attic.

If you need help, you know I’m your girl. But until then, remember – STOP. SURVEY. SCALE BACK. This will help un-busy the busy season. You can do this.

Happy holidays, friends!

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