Pantry Sort for the Holidays

It’s two days before Christmas, and I’m just now sitting down to tell you more about an amazing pantry I wrapped up right before Thanksgiving. Holidays, even in 2020, can really run you over – am I right?

This project started with a blank space, basically. The homeowners just built their dream home in a wonderful new neighborhood; however, while they had ample pantry space, it just wasn’t coming together like they wanted.

Here’s the priority list:

1.) Create snack stations for young kiddos to grab on their own

2.) Set pantry staples so they are easy to see and easy to grab

3.) Find a home for kitchen appliances

4.) Tuck away bulkier items and backstock

Here’s a look at the before:

Pantry before (just moved in!)

We used a mix of high and low-end products from The Container Store and Target, as well as making use of items the homeowners already had. (Hello, pretty decanters!)

Before, behind pantry door

First thing I did was shift all the large appliances over to behind the pantry door. I wanted them to be able to look in and not feel overwhelmed by cords and plugs; rather, bins that tuck away the chaos and makes you feel a little more in line.

We went from the above, to this!

After, behind pantry door

Now, for the snacks. If you have kids, then you know. THERE MUST ALWAYS BE SNACKS.

Bonus, if they can get to them by themselves. Mama needs a break.

I love these narrow bins from The Container Store, easy to pull out and super cute!
These are from The Container Store, and are great to hold bulkier items like chips or any back stock.

We made the whole right side all about meal prep. Pasta, rice, sauces, cans – they’re all there to help meal planning and execution easy to see and do. Before, it was just a bit scattered.

Before, side pantry

It felt good getting everything sorted into a home that makes sense, and makes family meal and snack time a little less stressful. That’s my goal with every space I do – I want you to feel as though there’s a system in place to help you get through each day, something that’s been taken off your plate.

Here’s one more look at the Before | After:

Thanks for looking through! Do you have a favorite section? I’d love to know!

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