Do it, Delegate it, or Delete it

A wise friend of mine shared a mindset with me recently that really resonated, and I think it’s a good mantra to carry us into the New Year.

Do it, Delegate it, or Delete it.

We all have those lists piling up, projects we want to get done but just never find the time. I get it. Ask me how long I’ve had “write this blog post” on my to-do list. Just kidding, please don’t. Just read it because HELLO I FINALLY WROTE IT.

Is there anything on your to-do list that you’re dreading, ignoring or forgetting about? That’s a good sign that it’s something to DELEGATE.

DELETE means you should give yourself grace, and come to terms with the idea that it just ain’t gonna happen. That’s okay too. But you probably won’t feel as good about it.

Otherwise, I encourage you to take action and DO IT! It’s all on you.

It’s the “delegate” part I want to focus on today, because the project I’m going to show you is the result of exactly that.

Now, when it comes to organizing, not all of my clients are unorganized people. So why hire someone else to do a job that you know you can do yourself? It all comes down to time. When you don’t have it – hand the job over to someone else who does. (PS, that’s me. Hi.)

So here’s a closet that already had a good system in place, but the top goal was to take it from “little boy” to “young man.” Take a look at the before:

Closet Before
Closet Before

We made everything feel more grown up by cleaning out, assigning new homes, adding shoe organizers, and upgrading hangers. These are subtle changes that make a BIG difference when trying to get your kids dressed and out the door each morning!

And like I said, this project wasn’t about the “overhaul.” It was simply a matter of, I want this done. I haven’t gotten it done. I’m sick of thinking about it. Bring someone in. I’m so glad they trusted me with it!

Here’s one more look:

Little boy –> Young Man

What’s your outlook for 2021? Are you going DO IT, DELEGATE IT, or DELETE IT?

Happy New Year, friends. Let me know how you plan to look ahead!

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