Get Going on Those New Year Goals

So I’m betting you’ve clicked on this because you have BIG goals for 2022. Congratulations! I’m so excited for you! I genuinely am here to cheer you on. But I know, if you’re starting from a place you don’t like, it may feel overwhelming. If the to-do list is long, remember this: the first step is just making a decision. Check, done, you did it. Now, keep going.

Recently, I was able to share a few tips for getting going on decluttering and organizing your home for the New Year. You can find the full post, including some other great advice from a fellow home organizer, here.

In the meantime, I thought I’d share them on this space as well. Just 4 easy steps to inspire. Enjoy!

1.) Take out the trash. Yes, really. Just get a trash bag, walk around your house, and start putting things in it. You won’t be able to really see what needs sorting until you get rid of the true trash surrounding it. This can be done over a period of a few days, so you don’t feel overwhelmed. But give yourself a clearer path to clutter free by literally clearing the path.

2.) Commit to Less Storage: I realize that sounds counter intuitive. But hear me out – a lot of times we feel the need to get “more” in terms of product to get organized. But really, you should set a goal to minimize your stuff. If you buy more bins, then you’ll feel the urge to fill more bins. More hangers? More clothes to put on them. By reducing the storage, you’ll feel more encouraged to only use what you really need. And it will help you focus on those buzzwords we all love: “joy,” “purpose,” “function.” 

3.) Start Small: If you have big goals, that’s great! But organizing can get overwhelming if you’re not prepared. So, start small. I often suggest your dresser, or nightstand. What’s there that can go away? Probably trash, dishes, or books you’ve finished. Try to clear off at least one or two things. Once those smaller spaces feel cleaner, you can move onto bigger spaces that need some love. And you’ll feel better about tackling even the smallest space because it’s a check off the to-do list!

4.) If it’s got a label, put it away: I’m not talking labels for organizing. I’m talking about an actual product. All those new face creams and beauty products that came in your stocking – get them under the counter or tuck away in a drawer.. All the different colors and WORDS are distracting and make the space feel cluttered. If you need to use counter space, put out the items you use most often and find a different container. This doesn’t have to be expensive – I like to reuse candle jars (freeze them and the wax will easily pop out!) or mason jars for things like hair ties, q-tips and cotton balls. 

I hope this helps you get going on those BIG goals for 2022 – and of course, if you need some help, I’m always here.


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