What We Do

SortWell is a professional organizing company providing solutions for home and beyond, based in Edmond, Oklahoma.

In short, we specialize in efficiency. We can help you through the process of simplifying, rearranging, and finding a system that works best for you through all stages of life. Don’t let your stuff take over — regain control through an organized space.

Through patience and compassion, all our services are confidential and provided with zero judgment.

  • Feeling overrun? We’ll clean out, get rid of, and reorganize any room, space or drawer.
  • Moving out? We’ll tidy up spaces to help stage your home to sell.
  • Just moved in? We’ll help you put it all away.
  • Guests coming in? We’ll make your house feel like home.
  • No time? We’ll find it.

Services are provided both in-person and virtual. Let’s chat about the area you need help with, what your goals are, and how we can make it happen.

What a session with SortWell Organizing Co. includes:

  • 30-minute consultation to discuss your needs and goals
  • Product recommendation and shopping based off needs, measurements, and style
  • Hands-on sorting, advice, and guidance through the purging process
  • Labels
  • Donation drop-offs

Let’s get sorting!